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Through our investment platform, you can invest in our multi-managed solutions, unit trusts from Investro Asset Management, unit trusts from a wide range of other management companies and a broad selection of shares and other securities.

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‚ÄčBinary trading is a format that gives the trader the choice between two different options. A wide variety of products – including Commodities, Equities, Financial Indices and Forex Pairs are available to trade in a binary option format.

You can trade directly in shares and other securities, or invest in unit trusts. We also offer a comprehensive estate planning and fiduciary service, including local and offshore trusts and the administration of deceased estates. For businesses, we offer a full suite of employee benefits and bespoke multi-managed investment solutions.

To invest directly on our online trading and investment platform, simply follow our quick, step-by-step registration process. To invest with the guidance of a financial adviser, consult your closest Investro office. Our advisers can help you to tailor an investment portfolio suited to your personal needs.

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